Or according to Jason Calacanis: Dealing with Dummies, for Dummies***

First, it was Pat Riley and "three-peat", then Texas A&M and "the 12th man" and now this (?). The part I find so incredibly fascinating is that their intent seems to be to protect their brand but then they send these e-mails to a well known blogger and expect them not to blog it? And that is helping their brand how?

<Sigh> I guess I'll now have to give all my business to the "for idiots" people. And yes I do own Pro Football for Idiots...I needed Joe Theisman (does not rhyme with Heisman) to explain to me what a franchise player is. I can't even type that without reliving his leg breaking but I digress.

*** FOR DUMMIES® is a registered trademark of Wiley Publishing, Inc.

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