Shopping cart handles, bathroom doorknobs. I've made considerable effort to avoid each. I use the sanitary wipes provided at my local grocery store to wipe the funk off the shopping cart and I pull my sleeve over my hand before using the doorknob to exit the bathroom  (anyone else see a huge market opportunity in manufacturing kick-buttons that open bathroom doors?). I know, my sleeve is all funky now...what can I do?

For some reason, when I travel, it all goes out the window in the interest of being flexible. But still, right now? Shopping cart handle? Ew.

via Darren...he's barefoot and Canadian. I wouldn't recommend the barefoot part...see above. Edit: I just found out that Barefoot is Darren's last name (I just thought it was just part of a cool blog title). I still don't recommend that people go barefoot in the bathroom ; )