The Olympics are much more enjoyable for me, now that we are in the age of DVR (that's what you call them, right?). Used to be that I would check the listings of a couple sports that interested me and try to tune in.  But these days, I can't help resisting fast forwarding to the grand finishes of even the events I don't find all that interesting personally (luge, anyone?) because some of the stories are interesting and people achieving greatness is interesting and kind of touching (I know, look who's getting all soft). So while I can't last through all the races and events, I get to see the highlights according to Heather which has been pretty cool. What I've enjoyed so far (which I am posting in the hopes that someone will talk to me about this stuff since NOBODY I know is watching the Olympics):

1) Shaun White-is he just the sweetest most adorable kid, or what? I know I am officially 100 for saying that but still. Having achieved so much and acting all normal and grounded. Plus he got all teary when he finished his gold medal winning half pipe run because his family was there. He also gets extra points for the cool factor.

2) I never thought I would say this about an Olympic medal winner, but poor Lindsey Jacobellis. In the women's snowboard-cross, she had the gold medal in the bag, did a hot dog stunt on the last jump and fell. If she hadn't been so far ahead she wouldn't have even gotten silver. The thing is she is just a kid (also 19, I think) and just did a kid thing. Unfortunately, she has to explain it in interview after interview. I think she's holding up pretty well, though I am just waiting for her to admit that she was showing off a little. Such a lesson to learn in the public eye at that age (and haven't we all done dumb stuff like that...good thing a bazillion people weren't watching, huh?)

3) Apolo Anton Ohno turned into an adult. Can't believe how graciously he accepted his bronze finish in the mens short track 1000m, especially after people have described his training over the last 4 years as "monk-like" (someone buy him a beer!).

4) My favorite so far has been Shani Davis making history in the mens 1000m. I think he seems really focused and I like hearing about the back-story (his mom used to wake him up every day as a kid to go run a mile before school). The media has really picked up on Chad Hedrick's sour grapes (Chad's comments really disappoint me). Shani declined to participate in the men's relay and Chad, who already had a gold medal at that point, said some pretty unnecessary things about Shani (who had yet to race and in only a few days and wanted to save his strength for his best event, his best chance at gold). I kept yelling at the TV  to Chad" "grow up!" and "nobody owes you their participation in the relay, dude!". Anyway, Chad and Shani face off in the 1500m tomorrow and I can't wait!

5) It's always fun to see the host country win, especially when it's unexpected (4x10m cross country relay). Norway not placing was a shock, the Italians were overjoyed. Cool to watch.

6) Speaking of Italian athletes, I watched the highlights of ice dancing. Usually I have a hard time watching this sport because of the minimal likelihood of someone falling (it's the risk of falling and the avoidance I enjoy, not the actual falling). Anyway, someone fell and let's just say that I'm not feeling the love. Yowza! If looks could kill.

All that plus another week to come that also promises to be chock full of the over-used phrase "out there" ("I just want to go out there and skate a clean program", etc.). I can't be the only one of us that is an Olympics junkie. Anyone?


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