I rarely do it. Call in sick, that is. Others do it a lot, I guess, according to the MSN Careers Site.  I've maybe taken one or two sick days since I started at Microsoft almost 7 years ago. Yeah, just healthy living and a major decrease in allergy symptom since I moved here (something to do with the air and the fact that there's some winter humidity). Anyway, this article reminded me of something I've discussed with a nameless friend a few times and we simply don't agree. The topic? Is it OK to call in sick if you have a hangover. I won't tell you my position up front but for you math whizzes out there, I can tell you that I have had more than one or two hangovers in the last seven years. Yeah, I'm sure my family is so proud.

What do you think? OK to call in with a hangover or not?

OK, to post anonymously if you must share your personal hangover stories ; )