Remember recently how I said I am not a "marketer"? And remember how I talked about collaborating with the team responsible for true "marketing" in staffing at Microsoft (the people who write the marketing plans so I don't have tooooo)?

There's an opportunity available to work on that team. This is an opportunity for an actual "marketer" (I'm going to stop that quotation mark action at some point, I promise) to create actionable plans for staffing; marketing careers/employment at Microsoft. It's a different kind of work than I do, but I suspect that I might end up in a meeting or two with this person. This poor team, I'm their client and their partner ; )

Plus, I have to say that their management team is strong (I don't mean that in an Eddie Haskel way...I don't report in through this team). You know I appreciate people who get marketing and Warren, the manager of this role, definitely gets it (he joined this team from one of our product group marketing teams).  Anyway, we are looking to fill this role with either an internal or external candidate so if you think this sounds like something you could be interested in, feel free to shoot your resume on over to me at

Senior Marketing Manager, Staffing Marketing

The Senior Staffing Marketing Manager position is an opportunity to make a difference at Microsoft.  Seriously, a real difference…where your ideas and work have a direct impact on the company’s future.   

Consider joining the marketing team responsible for defining and driving Microsoft’s global employment brand and marketing programs.  The challenges are significant and real.  Our executives care.  The opportunity for thought leadership and creativity is endless.  The work is fun.  And the team is fired up.

Consider this for a second.  There is one question all Microsoft employees have asked themselves at some point in their lives:  “Why would I want to work for Microsoft?”  The answer to this question is perhaps one of the most complex and interesting marketing challenges we face as a company.  You can help define the answer for future employees.

Employees are Microsoft’s greatest asset.  Microsoft’s future success depends on finding and retaining the best and brightest employees worldwide. While our company’s growth continues, talent supplies in the market are decreasing and competition is fierce.  In response, we must take our marketing strategy to a new level and we’re looking for another seasoned marketing professional to add to our team.

In this highly visible position you will be responsible for leading our candidate value proposition project – which will include candidate research, analysis, segmentation, positioning, messaging and vendor management.  The outcome of this project will drive our strategies in PR, broad reach and targeted communication, including online presence, relationship marketing (including blogs, newsletters/RSS), advertising, collateral, and events.  The scope of this role spans value proposition architecting, relationship building, opportunity identification, and worldwide program execution.

The ideal candidate has 5+ years of marketing and communications experience in a high tech industry, a proven track record as a strong performer and the demonstrated ability to drive agencies and non-reporting groups to perform.  An MBA is preferred.