I can't tell you how many people have asked me whether I watch American Idol (I don't...really don't like it). But I sure was a fan of Rock Star: INXS (despite Brook Burke and her kind of stiff presence and the weirdness of those INXS guys...how come they seemed so cool in 1987?). Even though Marty didn't win, it was a fun ride. I'm pretty sure none of you cared because I blogged about it and nobody commented...that's OK...don't feel bad.

When Rock Star: INXS started out, I heard the ratings were low and worried that it would be taken off the air. I didn't really think that MSN had anything to do with pulling additional viewers, but I guess it did, according to Mark Burnett.

As they are announcing a new version (uh, yeah: "Rock Star: Supernova"), we hear that the content on MSN generated new viewers. It should be fun watching the new show. We'll get to see how many times Tommy Lee gets bleeped and we will get the answer to the age-old question "Where's Gilby?". Oh happy day.

Producers: please bring Marty back and also...call me!