This was enough to give a lawn-maintenance freak like me heart palpitations. I'm one of the weirdos that is accused of loving yard work, but really I hate yard work; I just love having grass that looks like carpet. If it wasn't for Jonas, I'd roll around on my pretty green lawn and breathe in it's yummy green-ness. Mmm hmm, yeah, told you I was weird. But who doesn't love that grass smell? Pop a Claritin and I'm ready to go.

I was also preoccupied this weekend. The first beautiful, warm and sunny weekend this year (well, if there were others, I was traveling or busy) which signals the ritual of pulling out the lawn furniture, hosing off all the funk and getting my backyard "summer ready". See?

I know it's nothing spectacular (and there's plenty more work to do), but it's enough to make someone like me, who lived in apartment buildings most of their life, very happy.

So imagine my panic when I realized that I just poured a quart of motor oil into the gas tank of my pretty, shiny red lawn mower. Yeah, you read that right. I know the oil receptacle is the one with a dip stick, speaking of dip sticks. I was simply thinking about something else.

The first thought that crossed my mind (besides a number of choice words which I may or may not have muttered aloud) was to call Home Depot, because I didn't think that the Toro help line would be open on a weekend (and whatever did I do with the paperwork that came with the mower anyway?). I figured the chance of getting a real-live person in the outdoor appliances section on a sunny Saturday to answer the phone was very slim, but I had to try. My heart was beating like crazy...I needed to talk to someone!

I actually did get someone on the line that immediately reassured me: "no, ma'am, you did not just kill your lawn mower. It will be fine." He gets extra customer service points for not laughing at me. I would have laughed at me. Well, I did end up draining the gas tank (another skill I never knew I'd need), but crisis averted. And now my yard is almost ready for summer.

(As Jonas sighs at my feet in sheer exasperation over the fact that we are not outside right now playing b-a-l-l)