I guess I never want to be the one to break up a party. I was tagged by Robert Merrill. Now, I am going to have to share the love with 4 other unsuspecting bloggers (whose content I enjoy, because we all know I don't link to people whose content I don't enjoy). But first, my responses:

Four Jobs I've had:

   1) T-shirt maker (yeah, the ones from the 80s with the designed pressed on with what we would now call a pannini maker)

   2) Store manager (retail...whee!)

   3) Property management assistant (it was commercial, very)

   4) Accounting temp (the thing that led me down the road to here)

Four Movies I can watch over and over:

   1) The Usual Suspects

   2) This is Spinal Tap

   3) Chaplin

   4) The Last Emperor


Four TV Shows I Love to Watch:

   1) Cold Case

   2) Love Monkey (please come back to me, my Love Monkey!)

   3) College Football (USC versus whomever and also College Football GameDay, College Football Scoreboard, etc)

   4) Number One Single. Because Lisa Loeb can be cute and sad at the same time... why do I feel sorry for someone who has so much? I simultaneously want her to find her "number one single" and get rid of all the Hello Kitty stuff (hmm, could these things be related?)


Four Places I Have Been on Vacation:

   1) London

   2) Mexico

   3) Thailand

   4) China


Four Favorite Dishes:

   1) Prikh King Beef (Thai hot, not American hot)

   2) Tamales

   3) Real Chicago Pizza

   4) Real Chicago Hot Dogs


Four Places I'd Rather Be:

   1) In the Oval Office (come on, who wouldn't want the chance to change a few things?)

   2) On the beach with a good book and a cold beer in my hand

   3) On a beach with a cold beer in my hand having a conversation with my best friend Anderson Cooper (OK, so we don't know each other yet)

   4) In Italy, strolling a piazza with a recently purchased pair of fabulous new sandals


Four bloggers I am tagging (and apologizing to right now):

1) Tim (sorry)

2) David (sorry)

3) Jason (consider this my version of 5 questions....sorry)

4) Julian (because it's been far too long since Julian has posted something. Come back Julian! And also, sorry)

And now we see who tracks incoming links.