is it really a blog? Over at Novell, Kevan Barney (PR Manager) and Bruce Lowry (Spokesperson) are blogging on "Novell Open PR".

This begs the question: "what makes a blog a blog rather than a website?"

It's an interesting initiative, but I wonder whether we will see these folks toss off the PR-speak and adopt a blogging voice that doesn't scream "I'm a paid corporate spokesperson!". Is a web page defined as a blog because of the technology and format (RSS, comment enablement) or rather because of the transparency in the dialog. And can PR guys get that transparent?

Well, I don't hate the idea. I think it will be viewed with praise by those who already love their brand and skepticism by the rest of us. I'll just be watching to see if Kevan and Bruce can break out of the messaging mode they have so far exhibited. Show us a little personality!

 "As a policy, Novell doesn't comment on rumor and speculation, and we won't be talking about this."...aww, come on PR guys...where's the fun in that?