I'm not sure which I am (actually, I am sure, but you probably aren't sure which one I am).

I loved HomeGrocer.com. Remember them? You may have had something similar in your area called PeaPod.com. Webvan bought HomeGrocer.com about 5 years ago and that's when they started circling the drain. My opinion is that Homegrocer had a much stronger brand image than Webvan (Hello, Peach Guy! And can we even talk about naming here..."webvan" could be just about anything).

I ordered stuff from Homegrocer because I  used to live in an apartment building and it was easier to have someone deliver stuff to my door. The quality of the produce was excellent and they used to slip little grocery presents into my bag. Plus it was just really a pleasure to deal with them...the kind of pleasure that grocery shopping usually isn't. Well, that's a fond memory...fast forward to now.

I am trying out a new local organic grocery delivery service called Spud.com. My current diet is pretty devoid of all the processed food stuff (with the exception of Splenda laced items), so I thought this would be a good fit for me. Plus, you can get a box of organic fruits and veggies delivered automatically on a regular basis, based on what is in season. My mom has been getting organic veggies delivered to her door (different state, different company) and she's been praising all the new stuff she's been eating (who knew bok choy would receive such rave reviews?).

I guess part of it is that I'm ready to up my commitment to healthy eating since I've been feeling so good (mentally and physically) about what I have been doing so far. You know how some people, at the end of their blog post, tell you what music they are listening to? I'm going to resist the urge to tell you what vegetable I am eating.

Anyway, with all my talk about grocery stores here (and with a new PCC opening nearby), I thought I would give spud.com a shot.