I can use the phrase "good sweats" in a sentence with a straight face

I put on a little make-up to go to the gym (sorry, my girliness has to come out somewhere and the "good sweats" aren't doing it for me)

I've become even less tolerant of traffic and parking. If I have to go out, I try to avoid commute hours.

I sometimes forget what day of the week it is

I still have a minor obsession with office supplies and I thought of going to Staples as a "field trip"

I'm thinking of getting wireless so I can work in my backyard

I miss my shoes but my "good flip-flops" are getting a work-out

I log on before I brush my teeth (usually online by 7 AM) and I take a break to play b-a-l-l with Jonas in the afternoon

I secretly feel a little spoiled, even though I know I am getting more work done