Steve Rubel says: "I like companies that say 'we suck'" And while I agree with the notion that transparency and a self-critical nature are good, just like pie, I wonder if "liking companies that say 'we suck'" gives companies more permission to, well, suck ("it's OK if you suck as long as you know it, now give me a hug" kind of thing).

Frankly, saying "we suck" is all fine and good, but when it becomes your schtick, it's tiring and it can come off as a little contrived. I'm not talking about anyone or any company in particular. I've just been reading blogs long enough to have an opinion on who does it a lot and who needs to do it more.

Saying it is one thing; doing something about it is something else. Don't get me wrong....go ahead and say it if you have to, say it if your partners, customers or hopefully-someday-customers need to hear it. Heck, say it before someone else does. But you better have a plan to fix it. And you don't get a pat on the back from me just for saying it.

I'm all about less talking (about it) and more doing (more on that in future blog posts)...I think Steve agrees with this but I have to wonder if people will see Steve's declaration and miss the point, focusing their efforts on airing their "suckiness" as quickly as possible. Being able to say it out loud is not a virtue in and of itself.

I like companies that have conversations with their customers/stakeholders and make changes, thereby "sucking" less.