Hah! If it were that simple. But Kate Lorenz over on MSN Careers has some tips for getting promoted. Of course they all take work! Ew, and self-evaluation. One of them even takes shopping. Whee!

Hmm, I'd recommend meditating on 5, 6 and 8 right now. That's really where I see people missing the boat. And oddly, people seem very focused on #7. Know why? It's easier (and involves shopping).

Getting promoted is about demonstrating your worth to an organization...making them want to keep you from going to their competitor. It's about visibility, relationships and being "strategically aligned to the business" (that means getting the right stuff done). It's been a while since I used that phrase and aside from the triteness of the sentiment, I have to say that if what you are doing isn't obviously satisfying a business goal, then you can expect the promotion cart to keep on wheeling by your office.

Anyway, Kate gives some good advice and though much of it should be a reminder to the business savvy, it bears revisiting now and then, don't you think?