Funny how people throw around the term "award winning". Sometimes it even denotes that an award was won...

Like the Stevie Award for "Best Marketing Team" won by our Corporate Marketing & Research Insight Group here at Microsoft. Back in the day, I supported this team and really appreciated how closely they were willing to work with staffing to get good people on board. They are one of the reasons I get marketing.

It's cool to see them win an award. And I guess I wouldn't be a good recruiter if I didn't mention that they currently have positions open and anyone interested in applying can send their resume to me at

Corporate Initiatives Research Manager

Research Manager, Global Customer and Satisfaction Measurement

Research Manager - Worldwide Public Sector and Worldwide Licensing and Pricing


Corporate Initiatives Partner Manager


I'll update with a link to any media coverage that comes out. I wouldn't want to be all PR and break the news first!  ; )