I've even been to this Ikea and I just don't get it. For a chance to win a dining table and chairs? Someone should tell them they have a 100% chance of having to put their furniture together themselves. And this is all for a remodeling? Psst....people, it's all blue white and yellow inside with lots of affordable furniture.

I'm not a hater. I still own an IKEA dresser and got through some of my leaner years on IKEA furniture (and I still visit from time to time to load up on "stuff"). But it would never occur to me to camp out for either 1) furniture or 2) The IKEA shopping experience (I'm the person that recommends to my friends that they go when IKEA first opens Sunday morning to avoid the crushing mob).

Clearly an example of building customer evangelists, but I'm still not sure how. Maybe I'm just not the "camping out type". Anyway, I find this pretty fascinating. Even more so if someone can explain it to me.

(Tip: Church of the Customer)