I just got back last night from Sandusky, Ohio; home of Cedar Point and my birthplace. Much of my family still lives in Ohio, but in years past, I haven't been able to make it home for my family reunion. Last weekend was the first one for me and it was great.

We stayed at a great bed and breakfast, run by some of the nicest people you will ever meet. If you haven't done the bed and breakfast thing, I'd highly recommend it. I can't imagine feeling more comfortable when traveling. I slept like a lump and the food was great.

The Sandusky area is kind of a local resorty, vacation place. We went out to the islands (Put In Bay on one day, Kelly's Island on another) and had a nice get-together with all the family, most of whom I haven't seen in at least 15 years (I know...I am bad! But I live so far away).

Another thing you do when you go to Sandusky is eat a lot (or is it just my family?). I decided to abandon my eating rules (mostly so my relatives wouldn't think I was a big pain) and ate lots of fried fish. It reminds me of going fishing with my grandpa and catching our own dinner. Nothing's better than perch or walleye out of Lake Erie.

It was a great trip. But all great trips come at a price. Given the 95 degree weather out there, and the fact that my body is accustomed to the temperate Pacific Northwest climate, my feet swelled up. Like Fred Flintstone feet...I could barely force them into my shoes for the plane ride home. I'm sure the airplane travel didn't help, but I'm wearing compression bandages to try to get them to go down. It hurts like the dickens. No running today.

Of course, it was all worth it just to hear my grandpa tell me he is proud of me and brag to the other relatives about how I work for Bill Gates. Grandpa is pretty special.

I've lived so many places that it was good to be reminded of where I came from. It was also great to confirm that people age well in my family (I have some very good looking aunts, if I do say so myself).

Quick trip, well worth it, and I didn't have to do a darned thing to injure myself.