I hate the term Web 2.0 (almost as much as I hate the term "War for Talent"). I see it as a way for some people to not only communicate what the thing is (web innovations) but also tell you how you should feel about it (it's hot, it's new...just like we though the dotcoms were...hmm) and how you should feel about the person saying it (I'm cool and if you don't know what Web 2.0, I'm cooler than you!).

Often, I think that people use Web 2.0 to be intentionally vague to mask the fact that they 1) don't know what they are talking about, 2) don't want to take the time to tell you about what they are talking about specifically or 3) they want you to nod and go along with whatever it is they are saying. You wouldn't dare question them and let the world know that you have no clue what this Web 2.0 business is anyway. It's a rhetorical tool often employed by the lazy, impatient or the superior. Some people may be using it because it's "trendy"...we forgive you , but please stop using this term.

When I hear someone say "Web 2.0", I first look at their facial expression to determine if they are kidding (were bunny ears used?). Sometimes they are, sometimes they aren't. Then I evaluate whether they are intentionally trying to talk down to someone (again, sometimes yes, sometimes no) or if they are selling something (oh so frequently). If none of these are the case, I try to investigate whether a lack of depth is the culprit. And just for fun, I may ask: "when you say 'web 2.0' , what are you referring to exactly...can you be more specific?".

I'm not saying that the people that use the phrase aren't good people. I am just asking them to stop. The worst is when someone in the staffing industry uses "web 2.0" and the "war for talent" together at the same time. When they do this, I can guarantee that they are trying to sell me something (something that is all web 2.0, naturally). And why would I want to buy it? Because there's a "War for Talent" and I should be very afraid. Way to assume your customer is dumb. Selling with fear...that's so hot.

You know that Staples easy button? I want a "cheesy button" so every time someone says "web 2.0" I can buzz them.