It's all over the news. While the rest of the country was boiling, we enjoyed temperatures in the mid 70s and now we are getting ours. For us, in the Puget Sound region, anything in the 80s or above is significant. I think we are getting into the 90s this weekend. At least it will be dry (our heat waves come from troughs over land, not sea...up from the south...nice and dry).

While in other parts of the country, you can escape the heat by ducking into your A/C, most homes here don't have it. Fifty one weeks out of the year you don't need it. That other week, you tend to get through with fans. No more of that for me.

I broke down today and bought a room air conditioner. No, it's not pretty. But it was cheap and easy to install (well, I didn't follow the instructions exactly, but it's wedged in there real good). I keep ducking into my bedroom to see how it feels. Quite nice! Though I think I might need to wear ear plugs to bed.

I can deal with all kinds of heat during the day, when I am moving around (right now I am drinking crystal light with extra lemon to stave off pontoon feet). But at night, I find it hard to sleep in the heat.

I often say, there's no pretty in the heat. Don't hate me for being a weather wimp.