I'm not sure why, but one week, I'll have a perfectly productive week getting stuff done and the next, I'll have so many things on my schedule that at some point mid way through Thursday, I have an intense desire to assume the fetal position immediately. Last night, I moved through to the "stunned"stage.

I know what I am doing to myself when I set up my schedule. I knew I shouldn't plan an event the day after I was out for a recruiting colloquium for 2 days. At our invitational event last night, I was running on caffeine and fumes...had to tap into the reserves. I knew that when I went on vacation, booking the red-eye was a bad idea. I've got nobody to blame because it was all avoidable (though I have to say that the event last night was great). I'm just one of those people that needs their 9 hours of sleep and some concentrated downtime with nobody else around (except the dog). I have to say, though, at the end of a week like that there is a certain sense of accomplishment (kind of like after a long workout). The funny thing is that the only items on my schedule today are a trip to the dentist to get fitted for my new night guard (I'm a teeth grinder...regardless of my self-imposed schedule) and a trip to the gym...the rest of the day is all about catching up and reminding myself that you don't have to do it all in one week.