It's review time at Microsoft. Kind of like the new years eve of our internal Microsoft world, you take this time to look back on the past year and what went well (and what didn't) and what you plan on doing over the next fiscal year. My fear of commitment comes to full fruition while I am writing my commitments every year. Maybe if they referred to them as something else.

I know I've mentioned it before....blogging is a small part of what I do. But oddly, it's the most visible piece so it gets a lot of attention (which I totally appreciate and hardly deserve). I think people assume that it's a bigger part of my job.

My scrappy little team has a lot of work to do this year. Each of us has a lot to do. Blogging is something I fit in here and there, around other activities (and frankly, I often need to be in a specific mood to blog). It's clear to me that I'm being encouraged to keep blogging, but after 2 years, how do you make it new and interesting? You think that's a challenge? How do you change it up and make it bigger without spending any additional time doing it?

MmmHmm, it's mid year, I'm making plans for the next twelve months and that is one of the problems I need to solve. On one hand, I am a little relieved by the thought of change. Even I (or should I say "especially"?) get sick of the sound of my own voice (you know I am reading this in a voice in my head, Carrie Bradshaw style, right?). One the other hand, what am I going to do?

Some of the things I have thought of require resources outside my team (meaning, I have to encourage someone that they want to support my blogging work because it serves a business objective of theirs):

1) Podcasting. I Web 1.5 (yes, I did). Because I doubt that I am a "one take" kind of gal, I need production support. The answer to whether that support is available is definitely maybe. And besides, what to podcast about?

2) Video blogging. See #1 above. At least it would get me into some normal street clothes instead of "good sweats". Another definite maybe. I've always wanted to be an on-air personality. Well, technically, it's not "on-air", it's a series of tubes.

3) With regard to both of the options above, I'd want to interview marketers at Microsoft. Given that my job is primarily externally facing, engaging internal folks for interviews is a challenge. Nobody has volunteered themselves. They are all busy and it's not their jobs to support my blogging.

4) I've offered other people in marketing staffing the opportunity to blog here. No takers. I don't really blame them at all. They have plenty on their plates already.

I'm running out of inspiration. So I'll ask you guys. What would you do?