Stay with me will take me a bit to get to the cafeteria part.

Last night I went to Borders, mostly to pick up the college football preview guides. Those of you that know me are probably wondering why I haven't blogged about college football season coming up. You know I'm thinking about it. My heart beats faster just typing "college football". Well I realize (through lack of comments on past posts) that everyone isn't as interested as I am. But anyway, there I was at Borders, latte in hand, grabbing my guides.

I can rarely get out of Borders for under a hundred bucks. I guess books are my other passion. I like the way they look on the shelf, I like how they smell. I love the fact that when I finish one, I have a large selection of un-read books on my shelves to choose from depending on my mood. I'm reading three books right now (and none too fast): one novel, one business book and one social commentary. I have a book habit.

I think if you took one of my Borders receipts and gave it to someone and asked them to identify the reader, they would have a hard time figuring out who this crazy person is: 3 college football guides, B2.0 magazine, Runners World (I know I am a newbie but the cover spoke to me), three books on management (interestingly, one each on managing up, down and over...though I didn't do that intentionally), I bought two of Seth Godin's books (because in marketing, I think he's the bees knees) and Anthony Bourdain's "A Cook's Tour".

Let me tell you about my love for Anthony Bourdain. He kind of scares me with his darkness and his edginess; the fact that he will eat just about anything if he can chase it down with a shot of something. I'm an adventurous eater except when it comes to animal products. He will eat anything and say anything to anyone (did you see the episode where he went to Iceland?).

I had to stop myself from buying cookbooks. I have too many that I don't use (though my next one will be Rick Bayless). Sometimes I like to just look through them or hold on to them just in case I need to make my own bagels at home or have an itch to prepare tiny little pristine appetizers to eat while I am watching Celebrity Fit Club. Evidently, I need to read about food (and as much as Cooking Light magazine is satisfying, I need more), so I was thinking that Anthony was going to be the one to fill the void until...

Christian Buckley e-mailed me about the Microsoft Cafeteria Tour 2006. Brilliant! They are working their way through the cafeterias in Redmond (hopefully other places too). If you want to understand why Heather needed to get a personal trainer, you should tune in to the tour. Christian and his cohorts have some great ideas on how to spice up the tour and an interesting perspective on dining at Microsoft.

Food fix satisfied.