I really love these Seahawks ads (3 separate links here...check out the mini-mohawk), despite the fact that I am not really interested in professional football, for a couple of reasons.

First, I'll admit. Lofa's a Trojan. So you know...he's part of the family.

Second, Lofa's got an interesting story (read about his family...his mom sounds pretty awesome)

Third, a 5'11" linebacker? Uh-huh...and he's good.

Fourth, freaking awesome advertising. One thing that I (personally) find missing from pro football is the emotion. With college football, it's about pride and respect and kids trying to get to their dream. Those things generally seem to be missing (at least for me) in professional football. But these advertisements really get me fired up.

Yeah, Lofa the Relentless. Go Trojan.

(pics from Lofa's Seahawks site)