You know those little projects that hang over you until you get them done. Those "I really should but don't want to" type of projects? I'm finally getting some of those taken care of. First, I just refinanced my house and I'm buying new cabinets for my kitchen and doing some remodeling in the bathroom (yeah that's singular...all the more reason to remodel). I took today off to go to Home Depot (without the weekend crowds) and get started on the process.

When I went over to my dad's house this weekend (our regular football watching ritual). I noticed a radio with a crank on it sitting on the counter. Something he just bought online for disaster/emergency preparedness (the crank means it doesn't need supply the power). Well, this led to a conversation about having an "emergency kit". If you are like me, you have cut articles out of newspapers or magazines about what you need to have on-hand in case of an emergency. My mind goes to earthquake naturally (a combination of the factors: having lived in Southern Cal and experienced some as well as that one about 5 years ago that scared the dickens out of some of us...guess I didn't expect it up here). No matter where you live, you have something to be concerned about; or at least be prepared for.

Thinking about that kind of stuff isn't fun (yipee....the worst case scenario has arrived!), but I knew it was something that I needed to do to make sure that Jonas and I are ready if something bad happens. So I wanted to get it over with. I spent some time in Target's camping section and then made sure the gal checking out my goods knew that I wasn't setting up a bunker or something; because we all know that you can look at me and tell I am not a camper. When you think about it, there's a lot of stuff that you use everyday and don't think much about that would be hard to live without even for a couple of days. And evidently, duct tape has a lot of uses and you never know what you might need a tarp for.

I ended up having to jump online and order the radio and battery-free flashlights, so my kit isn't done yet. But I do have to admit that I am a little relieved to have gotten most of it together, just in case. No, it wasn't relaxing to do it, but it helps me relax a tiny bit more now that it's done.