My friend PatBlue pointed this out to me and I thought it was pretty smart. After the company meeting, we do a product fair so employees can check out new stuff that our product and research teams are creating. It's your basic booth set-up, from what I understand. One of the booths was for what we call CPE; customer and partner experience. As a company, we perceive CPE to be part of everyone's job. I think I've blogged in the past about how "customer sat" became a big buzzword around her in the late 90s, early 2000s. I think the move from "customer sat" to CPE represents the fact that it's part of everything you do rather than strictly initiative based. Because if you wait until valentines day to celebrate your love, I promise you it's too late.

So CPE is part of everyone's job (and kind of partially explains what I am doing hanging out here) and coincidentally, this same group of people (everyone) loves puppies. Hey, when two markets cross over like that, I smell a marketing opportunity (smells like sweet puppy breath).

The challenge with CPE isn't necessarily telling people how to get it right but really reinforcing the importance. It's an awareness thing. Sometimes you might need tools, sometime you might need a reminder (for example, have you written your commitments with the customer in mind). So getting the CPE message in front of people is muy importante. That's where the puppies come in.

For every Microsoft employee that visits the CPE Portal (employees type cpe/puppy), Microsoft will donate $1 to the Humane Society (where I met my buddy Jonas...I'm a big fan). Everybody wins. I hope that HSUS makes some bank from us this year.

I would have loved to be in the meeting where this promotion originated.

"What can we give employees to get them to the CPE site"

"Hmm, we really need to get everyone to the site"

"Yeah, we need to find a marketing program that appeals to everyone...the techies and non-techies alike"

"What does everybody love?"


Now what employee can resist clicking on the link to the site? Once you are there, the content is worthy of reviewing. I love the idea!