The Seattle Times has an article on the changes made to the current Microsoft employee experience made by our Senior VP, Lisa Brummel. I don't think I blogged much about this other than the home grocery delivery offering (hey, it's a novelty...I care about the other stuff). A bunch of things were rolled out, most notably, a change to the annual review process. I think the thing that sticks with me, with regard to all these changes, is that you don't feel penalized by seeking out work on high performing teams. I came to Microsoft because I wanted to up my performance by working with smart people.

I haven't yet been able to participate in one of the listening tour meetings but I plan to in the future. For me, aside from sharing my perspective (as an employee), it would be good to have more understanding of how people feel about working at Microsoft. I'm the type of person that is awlays trying to anticipate what will go wrong with any project (some may perceive that as glass half empty but it's really more the desire to control the outcome as much as possible). So the listening tour kind of feeds that for me. If someone has something they'd like to see changed, I'd like to know what it is.

Kind of why I blog too.