We had day one of our Global HR Summit today (HR folks from around the world fly in to Redmond for the event). I have pictures to share from the social event we had tonight but have to figure out how to scan them or something. I need to unburden myself of one other fact first.

At said social event, there was a chocolate fountain. And I partook of the chocolate fountain with a miniature rice crispy treat no less. I think last week I said I'd rather eat dirt than a Twinkie and I stand by that. However, it seems that today, I had a metaphorical hankering for potting soil and that chocolate fountain came in handy. It was goo-ood.

Please forgive me.

PS: to my credit, I avoided the Rock-araoke stage but thoroughly enjoyed those that didn't and I also revisited my youth by losing in both air hockey and foosball.