I hope that someday we come to find out that Aleksey Varner (née Garber) has a wicked sense of humor. But based on what I have seen, he's totally serious. Aleksey gets an A+ in cheesy eighties business book metaphors and seems to have mastered the high art of taking himself too seriously. Luckily, we don't suffer from that here.

Now I would never condone the posting of someone's resume online without his/her consent (and I think that the person that did it should be punished...don't ever worry about sending a resume to me, even if it's this bad), but at the same time, I think the video underscores the importance of humility and a sense of humor if you are going to do an online resume. And also, alleged fraud is wrong too (follow the links, my friends). It's kind of like opening a restaurant. Most fail so you better be good and you better be different. Taking business advice from a fake-business person, faux professional athlete and a so-called practicing eastern healer? No thank you. I'll ask our human resources department to get back to you. Oh, I'm in the human resources department? Darn!

Follow the links to the IvyGateBlog and the story unwinds. I'm speechless.

Thanks to Dave for the tip.