This has been bugging me for a while. The possessive word Is, which rhymes with "eyes" (as in Bill and Is relationship), is not a word. Someone please tell every participant in reality TV and talk shows because it's driving me nuts (and I already know I watch too much reality don't have to tell me). Yeah TV people, that really confusing difficult word you are looking for, now stretch your brain muscle, is "my".

Also, "nother" is not a in "a whole nother thing". Another is like an-other...not a-nother. The word is "other". Get it? Good.

Please, must we do this to our language? I'm not the vocab police but this stuff is egregious.

On a similar topic, my friend PatBlue hates the word "moist" and I also hate the non-word "irregardless". Anyone else have a word (or non-word) that drives them absolutely nuts or is this phenomenon only present on or near the Microsoft campus?