Here's a Businessweek article about Microsoft's clinical weight management program. You know those hours in front of the computer screen aren't making us any more fit. Many of you know that I struggled with weight problems in the past, not significant enough to qualify me for the clinical programs but I've put in a lot of hard work to get to where I am the best shape of my life.

For employees that have some fitness challenges, there are many options. There's the clinical program mentioned in the article (the person needs to suffer from weight related illnesses to qualify), there's the 20/20 program at the ProClub (it's a combo exercise and eating plan focused on healthy fats, whole grains, lean meats, etc). For me, just having the ProClub as a benefit has made all the difference (plus working with my trainer, El Diablo). I'm finally at a place where I've trained myself to make good choices.

I can't believe that Microsoft employees have lost 61,000 pounds through the clinical program. I'd like to see Oprah wheel that out on a wagon. That doesn't account for all the weight we've lost through other programs. Or the pride I feel when I flex my guns. Oh yeah. I've got guns. And I still have work to do.

I find the statements about companies doing this type of thing solely to save on health care costs a little pessimistic. They don't take into account that the people that enroll in these programs are putting time into them that they could/would otherwise spend at their desks working. I know because I've been there and now I need the gym time to feel "normal". Yeah, companies want to save on health care costs, they also want their employees to live. Plus a healthy employee is a happy employee. I swear there's a poster somewhere that says that.