My key to holiday success is to get it over with early. If you can get yourself good and sick of it early on, you can get back to your normal life. What I find that this generally requires is one over-the-top holiday-related activity to push you over the proverbial edge. For me, with the vacation that was a little less than relaxing (including 4 plane flights), the snow, ice, town cars, the sliding, the dog overtaying his welcome at the boarder, the bent tire rim, the sprinkler exploding in the front yard, the sneezy-runny nose routine with the humidifiers running 24X7 and stepping on the scale to "uh-oh"....well, all I needed was to bake about 100 cookies to put a nice cap on the holidays. I'm doing a cookie exchange tomorrow.

Seriously, if someone were to wave stick of butter in front of me, hurling would surely ensue. Are the holidays over yet? For me they are.