I hate to share how excited I am about the idea of spending some vacation time at home. I needed to take about 98 hours or I would lose them. I got close to scheduling all 98 hours. I think I am off by about 2 days.

So I am thinking about what I am going to do...at home...for over 2 weeks (including company holidays):

*taking lots of naps

*trying new recipes from the Cooking Light cookbook I just received

*scheduling some cooking classes at PCC

*catching up on the the reading I have stacked up in my office

*finishing Empire Falls, which I started months ago

*actually using my Netflix subscription

*maybe blogging a little

*organize something...we know this will happen whether I plan it or not

*send my holiday cards out

*get back on my gym routine...for real...and lose the 2 pounds I gained

*finish all my kitchen planning (I have yet to buy a sink, hardware and stuff)

*hang out at Victors coffee and look cool or at least interesting..over-caffeinate

*go with my friend Ann to Costco (yay...that recent blog post resulted in one of my friends agreeing to be my Costco buddy)...yippeee....over stocking my cupboards!

*pretend like I am not going to check my inbox just a little

*Listen to my downloaded book: The Wisdom of Crowds, which someone recommended to me last year and I never got around to reading (I think I'm going to start doing my non-fiction reading via audio books...smart huh?)

*turn one year older....zzzzzzzzzz

*maybe I'll really learn to knit if I can find someone to show me how to do more than cast on. Where's my friend Suzanne?

*eat some of that beef I just ordered