OK, it might be just me. Am I jaded? Or do fame and business overlap on the Venn diagram right where goofy quips, inspirational phrases and obviousness pass for advice? Check this out.

To me, there's a difference between that which is meant to inspire (which is where I really think B2.0 was trying to go with this piece) and advice (which is more tangible, immediately actionable).

Here's your advice:

Take advantage of early opportunities

You can't force yourself on people

Technology is complicated

Sometimes say no

Consumers are emotionally connected to brands

If you have a start-up, ask for feedback

Join a company that matches your values

There's opportunity in emerging markets

Communicate what you are about

UGC = User generated Content and it's good

Trust among co-workers is important

Overcome setbacks

Well, there's more you can read for yourself. It kind of leaves me wondering "where's the beef?". Or maybe I'm a little disenchanted at the prospect of having "advice" delivered to me that really feels like marketing. Are they all trying to perpetuate their own personal brands, their corporate brands or are we expected to be enlightened by this advice (I admit that I only got through about 15 or so before I had to stop myself)? Maybe I just feel a little beaten about the head with the same few nuggets of "wisdom". Maybe some of this stuff is appropriate for book jackets or holiday cards, speaker bios. But advice? Maybe the corporate executive personality cult has reached the point where saying something unique and interesting isn't required any more. Is that it?

Please, please people...step away from the talking points...slowly step away from the talking points and give me something I can work with.

Or is it just me?