Over the thanksgiving holiday, I noticed a bunch of blog posts about what people were giving thanks for; family and friends, etc. I decided not to subject you to my own saccharine post. We all have people that are important to us and without you knowing my people, what difference would it make to you? Plus, it's not like me to talk about that stuff regardless of whether any one person is or is not the wind beneath my wings. You know what I'm saying?

But when it comes to stuff that I am thankful for, well, that is a different story. Granted, it's a bit trivial. Anyway, I was talking to my friend Holly the other night and she said some words that have come out of my mouth in the exact same form: "the Crockpot is the best invention...". I have said that so many times. I think I may have even said it here.

Anyway, there are a couple of things (little things, really) that have changed my life. Seriously...changed...my...life. I thought I would share my things. They aren't things that I can't live without, but things that I would really prefer not to live without:

1) Crock pot (seriously!)

2) Online bill paying (remember writing checks? They are those pieces of paper you would sign after you got a late notice)

3) Remote control (I could even live without the Tivo, but not the remote)

4) Anti-frizz serum


What are yours?