As I unloaded the food from my refrigerator into the garbage can (it had begun to smell), I made a list of what I was throwing it out so I could re-stock. It's interesting how something basic, maybe even instinctual, comes into play in unusual circumstances. It is absolutely driving me nuts that my house is such a mess right now and I am not even in it.

I just went out and bought a portable DVD player and about 6 DVDs. Yeah, that is me trying to make the most out of the situation. My friend Ann is going to come over and sit with Jonas so I can go take a shower (what a luxury!). I can't imagine just sitting at home in the cold and I know thousands of people are doing it. I hope that any Microsoft employees have considered coming in and bringing families with them. It's a little surreal, but totally reasonable under the circumstances if you ask me.

Gas stations seem to be getting back to normal. It's strange how when you don't have your power on yet, you feel the need to be acknowledged by the people who have had their power restored and decided to go on with their normal life.

One interesting outcome of all this is the opportunity to get to know ones neighbors better. I certainly did and from what I heard on the radio, that is happening all over. I'm one of those people ("those people") that has a very hard time asking for help. It was such a blessing to me that my neighbors were so forthcoming with the offers. Mmm hmm, some day I am going to laugh about all of this. Probably not today.

From the news reports, it could be a few more days without power. I'll continue to keep you updated on my adventures in living out of a laundry basket in my office.