Wednesday or Thursday, optimistically. This weekend at the latest, I hope. Today's goal is to do laundry. I spent plenty of time doing laundry in laundromats when I was younger....ah, memories.

Here's an article explaining how the power companies are prioritizing the delivery of power to different areas. I can't really complain about their method of determining what gets fixed first. If anything, my complaint would be that they didn't have a plan to get enough crews flown in, in the event of an emergency such as this. I'm sure emergency plans will be reviewed when all of this is over. In the meantime, the crews working diligently to fix the power grid deserve a big thank you from all of us.

It's really interesting the role that ones state-of-mind plays in their coping with stuff like this. I'm hearing on the radio about people that have stayed in their homes, in the cold. I don't like being cold as it thermostat usually set to 72 degrees. When it dipped below 45 degrees and I was having trouble warming up at all, I knew I had to get out. It didn't matter how many comforters I piled on. People staying in their homes haven't been able to shower either. Speaking of coping mechanisms; showering each day has been one of my keys to not totally losing it. Let me say that I know that people have gone through worse things than this so I am not trying to bring the drama. I had been looking forward to actually trying to relax during the 2+ weeks off over the holidays. Now, I'm thinking that the relaxing part will come later in the vacation when I can get back onto my home. Something that makes it a little tougher for me is that I haven't gotten a good night of sleep since Wednesday night. I really look forward to sleeping in my warm bed sometime soon. On the radio, they were just talking about people being in "zombie mode"...yeah. I know how that feels. I'll be careful driving.

Another thing that is difficult is realizing that most people have just gone on with their lives. Hey, I'm sleepy. I can get ticked off about that kind of stuff.  I know the world doesn't revolve around me and my lack of electricity. But it's hard not to find it annoying that other people have the nerve to sleep in their warm homes and  then get in front of me at the grocery store...the nerve! When my power comes back on (I know, that optimism is kind of cute, isn't it?), I'm going to try to find a way to help someone that doesn't have electricity. See, look at that, I am assuming I won't be the absolute last person to have power restored.

Anyway, the news is reporting the stories of what is going on. As much as I had intended to blog while I was enjoying my nice, comfy time off, my mind isn't on much else and I'll have a hard time coming up with interesting posts. So consider that this post is for anyone who cares or is wondering what it would actually feel like to have this happen to you. It stinks but I'm making do.