...nothing yet. Was it my subconscious that kept me from adding the show to my list of programs to be recorded? Uh, maybe. I'll be recording it on CNBC (I think) where it airs a day or 2 later. Whatever. It's hardly breaking news.

I'm not sure that I'll be doing recaps but it became clear to me that people liked talking about the Apprentice. I never did watch last season. I missed the outlet. I think I may have overreacted to Fast Company describing me as a blogger with a Trump "obsession". It's OK FC, I forgive you. To the extent that one can have an obsession with something that they don't necessarily admire but that is a total spectacle and curiosity, then color me guilty. Is "campy" the right word? Over the top?

What I truly wish for in the New Year is that both Trump and Rosie zip it. You are both bugging me. Though the Donald gets a little more of my disdain because I feel like we went through something similar right before last season. Quel surprise! He can't be stupid. He must think we are. And having the daughter defend him on the Today Show. Please.

Companies that advertise during The Apprentice, I want you to know that I am watching, but I am fast forwarding through the commercials. Those companies that participate in the challenges, well, I am sure that you will get your own punishment (Tide! Tide! Tide to go!).

So, what can you expect from me during this season of The Apprentice? Something. I'm not quite sure what yet. I'll let you know after I watch the first episode. Tonight is all about college football (I'd be singing a different tune if we were in the NC game, but since we aren't, "Go Buckeyes!")