MSN recently launched an initiative in cooperation with the UN High Commissioner on Refugees, supporting, a group that raises money for education and sports programs for refugees. Here's the press release.  

Through March 31, 2007, you can run MSN searches on the Click4theCause site. For each search, Microsoft will contribute to Search often and tell your friends.

I like this kind of campaign that not only gives to those in need but has a connection back to the business. The way I see it, MSN can run a marketing campaign to get people to try MSN Search and that marketing campaign will cost big money. The alternative is to do something like this. People still end up trying MSN Search but the money goes to a great organization. I'm not against giving without some kind of return, but I like the creativity in taking what would normally be a business expense and flipping it to benefit refugees instead of advertising agencies (not that I have anything against advertising agencies). I imagine shareholders would also approve from both a personal gratification standpoint as well as a business standpoint.