I've obviously made my career (what there is of it) recruiting. Over the last 3 (or more?) years, I've primarily focused on pipelining marketing candidates. To the uninitiated, this is basically identifying and engaging candidates that could fit multiple positions across the company and maintaining relationships with them via things like this here blog. Having spent so much of my career recruiting on very specific openings, I enjoyed the variety (and challenge) of pipelining. My team does both pipelining and individual req work. As a working manager, I've focused my time on the pipe side.

That's all gone great but we have some to a point where we have new people in transition; meaning they are coming on to the team but not yet fully engaged and ramped 100%. Plus, we are starting to get more requests for help from the line recruiters (Staffing Consultants here) which is a great thing for us. We have lots of flexibility in terms of how we can help these recruiters including engaging contract recruiters on our extended team. When the team's bandwidth is tapped, I can shift from pipelining to req work (at least until our team gets ramped up). So I took on some open positions this week and am working on identifying candidates for them.

It's been a little while but I think that doing this kind of candidate generation keeps one's skills sharp. I've always enjoyed the thrill of the hunt. The one thing that is significantly different for me now is that I have been more involved online, specifically via my blog. So while I generate candidates for positions using my regular tried-and-true methods, I do think about how the blog fits in; especially when I have a position that includes a blogging/community outreach aspect to it. I never wanted my blog to be a place where I "posted" jobs. I know that most of you aren't looking for a new position so that could be really boring for you (even MORE boring than my regular stuff). On the other hand, I notice people hanging around here that have some technical skills and somehow ended up here (an interest in marketing, perhaps?). I've mentioned before that I think there's a huge opportunity to recruit Technical Evangelists via blogs and so now I have a position to share: Dynamics Platform Technical Evangelist.

Cliffs Notes version of the requirements: development knowledge (especially using .NET Developer Tools), ERP/CRM.SCM or Financials knowledge. strong communication skills.

I'm confident that someone like this has been hanging around here. Maybe someone that is interested in working with the team that developed Channel 9? Feel free to contact me if this sounds like you (heathham@microsoft.com).