Newscasters should be more careful; what with the previous weather issues and all. Don't they know that the mention of the s-word and people start to worry about how they are going to get home from work, what plans they need to cancel and how much milk they have in the refrigerator. Please.

They did it again last night...and this morning. Their broadcast from Snoqualmie pass, with a hooded field reporter warning about the frozen road and conditions. OK, OK, I get it...that is their job. Snoqualmie is where people that like snow move; the ones with the studded tires and ski passes. People that I may be friends with but try not to look in the eye if they mention anything resembling a ski outing. I don't do cold. Most of the viewing area doesn't live at those elevations anyway. Makes my ears pop to drive up there.

This morning big fluffy snow drops fell and as I looked out my front window, I could hear a trickle of water running through my gutter downspout (you get one of those when you buy a house...they are a thing of curiosity). No freezing ground temps, no accumulation, no big deal. At least until nightfall when the cold sets in. When's that time change coming again?

I've heard several times in the last few weeks about snow typically happening here in the last week of February. This seems odd to me because the way it was stated was as if it was some fact of living in the Seattle area known to pretty much everyone except for me. Seven and a half years here and they still haven't filled me in on the secret code. I also wondered how that could be since we frequently can go a winter without an inch of snow. I'm pretty sure it's the weather-casters who have some research person behind the scenes combing the farmers almanac online for some witty banter about how snowfall in the Seattle area happens the last week of February. Or other such worthless trivia, which I am usually a fan of.

I guess I was wishing that they would let up with the weather-related hyperbole. I was also hoping that I could make a deal with them that if we did have some snow this week, it could be the end of it until at least next year. Everyone that wants to visit it can go up to the pass (it's the mountains, people). I won't see you there.