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March, 2007

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    Visually impaired blogging

    One of my blog readers, John, is vision impaired and reads blogs with the use of adaptive technologies.He's wanting some advice on identifying online resources to assist him in finding a position in clerical work or customer service. John posts his questions...
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    Tape worms can be fun....

    OK, probably not really. But some of our friends overseas may have a different perspective on little itchy critters. Ummm, I guess that's definitely seeing the positive side of things. Of course, now I'm incredibly troubled by the idea of eyelash mites...
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    We interrupt this broadcast for more news of the obvious

    What? Wikipedia may not be accurate?
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    A little disconcerting

    I just had one of those moments at the gym where I think someone recognized me from my blog. This happens every once in a while. Someone looks at me as if they know me and I have never seen the person before. Kind of like they are greeting someone they...
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    If you don't have time to tell me what you are looking for, I don't have time to recruit for you

    This isn't a rant and it's not intended to be a big complainy post about hiring managers. I've been fortunate to work with amazing hiring managers in my career; ones that have really been a highlight of my job (OK, mostly just at Microsoft). The few that...
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    Madlibs for lazy bloggers

    Dear Bloggers and friends, I'm so sorry I haven't blogged since week before last (time frame). I have been incredibly (adverb) busy (adjective). And my inbox (noun) has been overflowing (adjective). I have some blog posts in mind and hope to get them...
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    Let's just deal with the fact that fast food is not good for you, shall we?

    Obviously, I am not the only health conscious consumer out there. I can't imagine I am the only one to call bull on some of the marketing being done by fast food companies. I just got a flyer in the mail about the newly renovated McDonalds. It used...
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    Exactly what you think it's going to be

    Overheard In The Office This is some hilarious stuff...some of these people should look around before they say stuff. Or stop talking on the cell phone in a restroom stall...we can hear you....the accounstics are excellent. Seriously, please.
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    I did it.

    I met one of my personal goals today. I ran (well, jogged actually) a 5K race without stopping. I have to admit that one of the reasons that I didn't mention it before is that I was worried I couldn't do it. I've been running intervals lately to get my...
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    I prefer that you predict the end of the world on a Monday, not a Friday

    From Dave Lefkow . Seriously, what happens when you show up for the interview looking nothing like the shiny 2-D you? It's kind of Max Headroom meets bait and switch tactics for job seekers. Should you even worry about the fact that you aren...
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    Bill Gates on investments in education, visas and public sector R&D

    I try not to talk about anything political here but unfortunately, there are political issues that impact my ability to do my job; the availability of talent in the American workforce to meet our hiring needs. I'm not sure where I am going to be in ten...
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    Be picky about where you park

    Today, Seth Godin writes about where you park and the message it sends to the people you work with. While we might wonder what Seth is doing watching people park and then re-park their cars, he makes some good points. It's really about whether you are...
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    Future Microsoft employee delivered at 65 MPH

    Microsoft employee Brian Kirkman and wife Liz raced to the hospital where they planned to deliver baby, Juliet. The kid had other plans. King 5 News Seattle Times NPR "she propped her leg up on the dashboard and delivered Juliet as her husband...
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