I met one of my personal goals today. I ran (well, jogged actually) a 5K race without stopping. I have to admit that one of the reasons that I didn't mention it before is that I was worried I couldn't do it. I've been running intervals lately to get my speed up so was concerned about whether I could make it through the race and pace myself without over-doing it. Plus, I didn't know what hills there were. I guess there's a scared little couch potato in the back of my mind. Fortunately, my high tolerance for pain and self-loathing (as in "don't be such a baby...there are kids running this race") can pretty much smack the couch potato into submission. Usually, I can turn "I'll try" into "I'm totally doing this!". Plus my new asthma inhaler is a dream come true (thanks, doc). Let's be clear, I am not what anyone would call a "runner". I started a running program last May that involved going from non running to running a half hour non-stop within a 30 day training period. It was a great program but seriously required running 6 days a week and no excuses.

I wore a microchip but I won't be sharing my time with you. I'm sure there are plenty of you that can run faster than I do. Aside from challenging myself to run all the way (because just signing up for it wasn't enough for me), I also wanted to set a baseline time that I can improve upon. I'm beat but I feel awesome.

If there are any photos to share, I'll do that here. They had 15,000 people run in the race, (it was a run/walk) so who knows if I got picked up in any photos (I was the one with the USC hat on). Plus, it pretty much rained the whole time. Aside from puddle splash, though, the temp and drizzle felt kind of good. Plus, I wasn't looking for an excuse not to run today. I said I was going to do this and I did. And I'm sure my legs will pay the price tomorrow.