I just had one of those moments at the gym where I think someone recognized me from my blog. This happens every once in a while. Someone looks at me as if they know me and I have never seen the person before. Kind of like they are greeting someone they know until they realize that there's absolutely no glimmer of recognition on the other person's face. Because the person writing the blog can't see you reading it (really, I can't, so carry on). I'm OK with people saying "hey". In fact, I want them to; just at the right time.

I seriously thought she was trying to get my attention to start a conversation on the treadmill. Like my huge headphones weren't a clue that all I could muster energy for at the time was running, breathing and sweating profusely. Oh, yeah...and lip synching. And a teeny-tiny bit of air drums when the mood strikes. I think she realized what she was doing.

I'm a master of avoiding eye contact at the gym. You don't look at me, I won't look at you. If it was you, don't feel bad...you just freaked me out there for a second : )