OK, this is just gross but I grew up in Chicago (and LA) and though Wrigley field is my favorite, I had the distinct pleasure of throwing up a hot dog in Kamisky Park (the old one to anyone who dares ask...I'm as old as the hills). It wasn't mixed with beer, just extreme anxiety. I was a fun teenager. And I barfed in more public places by the time I was 9 than most people do in a lifetime.The Forum was a favorite. Restaurants (check please!). Casinos. They should have more trash cans. Maybe they do now.

Being in public made me think about barfing and thinking about barfing made me barf. I tried to control it by thinking about something else but how can you? Dr. Phil? I'm much better now. Still, walking into a room full of people I don't know well does get the adrenaline rushing a bit. I'm just better at hiding it (no gag impulse, just shyness in large groups of people). And planning to have an empty stomach or at least not eating three chocolate mouses beforehand ("the casino incident"). I hated being a kid, because I've obviously grown out of this since nobody that reads this other than my family knows about any of this (the family still talks about what has come to be known as "the gagging").

Something about that blog post, in all it's grossness, brought this back in Technicolor. Some people want to relive their childhood. I think I'll pass. (Sorry if this is gross).

(Tip: Shafrir)