Sometimes nature amazes me. I don't have to understand it to appreciate it (a theme in my life). And I know not to take credit for it. There is some crazy nature going on in my front yard right now. This is simply my favorite two weeks out of the year because the peonies are in bloom.

My friends know about this because I used to come into the office with arm loads of peonies asking people to take them home. There's more than enough to outfit every room in my little house. Each year, I remind myself to cut them back and put up the support rings so when they get buds they don't look all wobbly and askew like a celebutant in platform Farragamos. Really, I do very little but each year I am rewarded in abundance. I don't deserve it.

I can't believe that this came out of my yard:

And this:


The peonies were here when I bought the house and they keep coming back in full-force every year. I've also added loads of Spanish lavender because it's incredibly pretty and it's not as smelly as the regular French lavender (highly sensitive nose, what can I say?). Peonies and Spanish lavender both seem to be fairly hypoallergenic as far as I am concerned. I can have them in the house without wanting to cut off my nose to spite my immune system.

This year, much more so than other years, I have an unbelievable number of bees (I'm guessing it's the lavender). I've never seen so many and I leave them alone if they leave me alone. There's something kind of elegant about them. Here's one doing his business:

Pretty,huh? And I have tons more of these, these and these.

Excuse me while I indulge my flowers-make-me-happy girliness.