Only look at this blog, if you want to see the guts of small (or sometimes large-ish) rodents. Jeff is a cat. You've been warned. And if you want to know "why? why? why?", you can check out the particularly humorous Q&A here. One thing that I find interesting is the idea that animals have behaved like this forever, it's how they survive; but people have an issue with it when it's documented on the internet. Yeah, that cat could be eating cat food right now, but how do you reason with a cat, and why would you want to?

I find it fascinating for some of the same reasons that I just bought the complete series of Planet Earth; nature is often mysterious, stunning and really jarring visually. And by nature, I mean one bad-ass house cat and any furry or scaled creature that dares to cross it's path.

(tip: Darren)