Yesterday, I realized that I spend more waking time in my home-office than anywhere else. Of all the rooms in my house, it's the most trafficked and I'm still working off of Ikea tables. There's nothing wrong with Ikea tables as far as tables go. They're fine. That's it. They are just fine. But they are not a desk.

I'm such a chicken when it comes to pulling the trigger on big purchases. Waiting for my house to close? Almost more than I could bear. Then that kitchen thing almost pushed me over the edge. I think it's because I'm a pessimist in some ways, or at least I want to be prepared for the worst, regardless of the likelihood of it happening. Yeah, inside my head is a fun place. Someone please call a professional.

Speaking of calling a professional, I have a consultant from California Closets coming to my house next week. I've always heard that they were expensive, but I've also heard that they are worth it. I haven't found another office set-up that I really liked for my home so I am getting a home-office. So yeah, it's expensive and I'm still doing it. This has been a crazy year (us Microsofties think of our years running from July through the next June) full of lots of good stuff and bad stuff. I ended the year feeling tired and energized. Did I mention that someone should call a professional?

I bet you'd see a lot of people talking about purchasing something a little larger than normal on the Microsoft blogs at this time of year. It's review season and stock vesting time. If you are going to reward yourself for a good year, this is the time. I just thought what better way to reward myself than with decor and organization. Two of my favorite things!