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September, 2007

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    My big news: I am going to visit Australia

    It seems that bloggers are a well-traveled bunch. So this news may not be a big deal to you but it's so exciting to me! I have been asked to speak and present a workshop at the Australasian Talent Conference in April. Holy cow and also...whee! Hey, guess...
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    Love this: periodic table of marketing

    Built by the Kolbrener Branding Agency Love the idea, love the colors. I see something like this and wonder "how can I use it for recruiting?". Simple: it's a keyword list of marketing terms that recruiters can use to find prospect. And it's a keyword...
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    I don't have to understand it to love it

    We know I'm not a gamer, right? I don't have a problem with games; don't care much what people do in their living rooms as long as nobody gets hurt. I think hobbies are healthy. Eye-hand coordination is a good thing. Gaming is social. What's not to like...
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    The "blog card" or why I really don't recommend that you purchase a T3 Tourmaline Hair Dryer

    Just last week, I was telling one of my team members that I had never made a threat to someone that I would blog about something (like "if you don't fix this, I am going to blog about it") which took some restraint (which any long time readers know) and...
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    Never vacation a day in your life

    They say that if you find a job you love, you will never work a day in your life. That's bull, by the way. There's always more work than can reasonably be done and sometimes it can turn your love into a real drag. Sometimes it won't feel like work and...
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    Glen Ellyn, Illinois...I'm coming home.

    Well, it's kind of home. I've asked enough of my personal friends their opinions on whether I should attend my class reunion. I got a couple "you would GO to something like that?" responses, but mostly people telling me that I should go. While I half...
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    Blue Monster

    Microsoft wine. But how does it taste? (photo courtesy of Stormhoek blog )
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    Charles, you have a licking problem

    I have confirmed that it is rated G as my friend Pat said it was. I cannot confirm why it is so freaking funny though. Jonas has a licking problem too but it's episodic (attention-getting). Charles' seems a little more chronic. Oh Charles, just...
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    Cricket players are the cleanest players of any sport

    So this is what all those guys in white are doing on the junior high school field. I frequently see them when I drive by and was wondering what was up with cricket lately. I like the white unis but really, how does one keep them clean? I guess there...
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    Microsoft and Seattle

    According to press reports today , Microsoft is expanding into office space in Seattle. In the past, Seattle city office space was limited to the space previously inhabited by companies we acquired (like Visio). Appears that there's room for several hundred...
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    Unlimited time off with a side order of guilt

    What would you rather have, unlimited vacation time with your laptop riding shotgun or a set amount of vacation time when you are seriously expected to be out of the office? This article in the NY Times explores the situation at IBM. It seems like...
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    I'm not spending money, I am saving 15%

    One of the benefits of being a Microsoft employee is something we call the Prime Program or Prime Discount. As an employee, you get a card that looks like a credit card. It identifies you as an employee to all retailers that offer discounts to us. I'm...
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    What if people made comments like this when you die?

    Job well done, Alfred Peet! My favorite is the one about the cake frosting.
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    Tim's Tips #2: How do you know if you are adequately prepared for your interview?

    Today, Tim answers the question that many have asked: "how do I prepare for an interview?". Tim recruits for our Services business, so consider the context of some of his answers (and how you would apply them to your function). With Tim's sense of...
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