We recently launched a new website to give a funky little peak behind the curtain at Microsoft. If you don't have a sense of humor, you'll hate it. Trust me. Don't click on the singing cowboy videos.

The site is primarily aimed at tech folk, but a lot of the content makes sense for the rest of us non-coder-types as well. These are real Microsoft employees (disclaimer: the cowboy is an actor. Just thought I would let you know in case you wondered if we was on staff). I have long been, well, kind of complaining, that we don't do a good job of showing our real employees to the world. Past marketing has been full of clips of two-dimensional, perfect-looking people. I like the people on the View<myworld> site much more. Check out Jasmine who writes one of my favorite blogs Pike/Pine. There are lots of videos too with people discussing a bunch of roundtable topics like careers at Microsoft and making an impact.

Yeah. so it's obviously marketing. But it 's real people telling about their actual experiences. In the staffing industry, recruiters lament the lack of any valuable career site content. Most corporate pages are transactional and <yawn> boring. So although I had nothing to do with this web page going up (though you may see a video I produced up there in the future), I'm pretty proud of this.