I haven't written for a little bit.I will soon. I don't know if it's at all obvious from anything here but it's been an incredibly rough 6 months for me. I may write about it, I may not. I lost 2 people I loved this year (one last week). I don't like the idea of anyone feeling sorry for me, but my heart is aching. And I'm tired from that. And I am incredibly fortunate to have had two such loving people in my life, I know. But everything I feel is at the surface right now.

I know that people lose people, but seeing someone you love die from a broken heart is really painful. I'm not going to share any more right now. It's been interesting living my life as a blogger the past few years and sharing a part of my life here. I haven't shared much of my family life and that has been intentional; that's private for me. But right now, the private part if making it hard for me to do the sharing part. I'll be back. But at a time when I would normally be thinking through something to post here, I'm just not up to it.

Please be patient with me ;)