It practically is 1999. Not only is our stock at it's highest since August 2000 (virtually 1999 from a fashion perspective), but the Hamilton household is now fully equipped with Digital Cable, a DVR and an HDTV purchased with the sale of stock before it started going up...whee! Oh wait....damn!

As much as Tivo was life-changing for me when I got it (for any blog trolls that want to tell me to get a life for this statement, consider what you are spending YOUR time doing right now, huh?), On Demand is the bigger thrill. My late adoption has more to do with a lack of knowledge of video technology and not wanting to fiddle with that dusty octopus of wires behind my TV cabinet than anything else (OK, and the fact that it costs a thousand bucks for a TV). I'm also a creature of routine so adopting a new process to find and record programs; well, we didn't want any of that. But now that I have it, I'm not quite sure how I did without it. Did you know that you can actually order a movie from your TV and watch it right then? Without ever leaving the house?

And I am definitely NOT going to miss that Tivo bong sound effect. My Tivo but the dust while I was out of town and I can't say that I am that broken up about it. It's all so shiny and pretty that I might sit in the living room and look at it for a while before I even turn it on. I've never been that interested in audio/video stuff but this is awesome.